Brinsmead Extended Family Session | Tweed Coast Family Photographer

Holidays or special family events are often a great time to book in your extended family sessions when all the family have come together. Extended family sessions can mean that you don't get as much creative spontaneous images as you can when every image is of the same smaller family unit but I absolutely love capturing them. I always focus on the whole group for 3 looks and then break down the family groups, couples and when possible individuals of the children/grandchildren. I would love to chat about your family and what you would love to achieve.. no matter what the size. Selena x

Wilkinson Extended Family Session | Kingscliff Family Photographer

Sandra was gifted this session for her birthday and she was able to book in while her daughters and family were together. I love extended family sessions, big or small, and capturing the different combination of family and generations together. She asked for lots of greenery with a touch of the ocean. We are blessed in Kingscliff to have such a beautiful natural environment. Selena x